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Our goal is to provide you with treatment that is effective and comfortable and affordable.

Our professional staff follows procedures that are scientifically researched and evidence based. We take our continuing education seriously to provide you with the best treatment we know how.

We believe that the best care is evaluating the primary complaint but we pay attention to the interrelationships all structures in the body have with one another in providing optimal function.  For example,  the spine may effect the pain in the shoulder and  down the wrist or  the knee may be causing pelvis and lower back pain.  The cause of your symptoms may be to an area of your body unrelated to the site of your pain.  This is sometimes called a doorbell sign because a button is pressed outside the building that rings a bell located in the basement nowhere near the door.

The asian practice of "surrounding the dragon" may be recommended in your treatment.  This principle means that  your treatment may be comprehensive and involve chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue massage, physical therapy modalities, nutritional supplementation , acupuncture, exercise, lifestyle modification AND, yes, coordinating with the treatment efforts of medical doctors of internal medicine and specialists including therapists.  We admit the best care involves all forces needed to "kill the dragon", (your health problem) and sometimes all at the same time.  Doing treatment this way may decrease the time to provide relief and get you back to function sooner. 

Then again, the best choice may be to do the simplest treatment conserving both the resources of your time and money.  While the doctor's make the recommendations regarding your treatment, we feel it it always up to you, our patient, to decide how much and how long you want to benefit from our care.

It is important to understand that chronic conditions are those that have been with you for a long time perhaps even for years. Consequently, it may take time to achieve stability but relief can come in just a few treatments.

Dr. Rasmussen provides much of the care at his office himself.  His chiropractic treatment involves manual methods utilizing the application of a hand held electronic device called an IMPULSE IQ, which delivers a specific low force over an area about the size of a dime to perform a correction.  The insturment assisted manually applied method does not inolve popping or cracking noises that some people have assumed all chiropractor's do.  It may bea single tap or multiple tapping of an exact frequency that the instrument generates.  Other manual methods may include the use of an ACTIVATOR instrument or the old fashioned way where the doctor applys her hands directly to an involved area. 

Acupuncture may be done with, or without needles in some cases, and follows clinical applications that are easier for Americans to understand. Acupuncture methods may involve treating the hands or feet or ears to fix a headache or stomach problem.

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